Old Man's View by Duke Hayden

Just One Old Man’s View           
                                                                               By: Duke Hayden                            2/11/17
  Hi again, Just wanted to share some thoughts with you today. I was watching the news last night and a report struck me as sort of funny. It was about a car company having problems with their new wiring. You see with the new big push of trying to do everything 'GREEN', or Eco-friendly, this company has developed some wire connectors out of a soy base product rather then the oil base plastics of the norm. I fail to see way the old connectors were an issue but? The problem is that the new soy based connectors are a little TOO Eco-friendly. It seems that the mice and other rodents are finding them sort of tasty.  That is, they are eating them and causing shorts in the electrical system. I bet their research and development department didn't think that was going to happen? And way not? Who would have thought that using a food base product would attract rodents? Boy, it just goes to show how well these 'GREEN' activist/advocates are educated. Once again, common sense is tossed aside for the 'GREEN' initiative. I wonder how much this will cost the company for recalls and repairs; not to mention their R&D cost for the connectors. Here's my idea - Now that we know the rodents are feeding on them, let's add a little DECON to them as well! Go 'GREEN' GO!
  After having a laugh at the above I noticed another item that caught my attention in a commercial. McDonald's new BIG MAC commercial. Have you seen it yet? They are promoting their Big Mac sandwiches in three sizes now; Grand Mac - Big Mac - and Jr. Mac. This just hit a funny bone with me. If you can remember back as far as I can, when the Big Mac was McDonald's signature sandwich, it was as big as the new Grand Mac is now. As time went on McD's shrank the size of the sandwich to 'save' on cost. Not to mention the quality of meat as well. Now some 20yrs. later, they bring it back as the new Grand and charge you much more for it. As for the the Jr. Mac; it's just their basic burger with the special sauce and fixin's of the Mac. Got to hand it to their advertising dept. though; the newer generation will not remember the original. Nor do they know what sort beef they are using. Say I wonder if the rodents will eat the Big Mac if we leaved them out?
  Just one old man's view. Have a nice day.

Just One Old Man’s View           
                                                                               By: Duke Hayden                            2/9/17

  Hi Ya’all! Today seems like a good day to start this advice/view column with the snow storm we are now receiving from Mother Nature.
  As I sit in my home, (somewhat band from my front porch due to the weather), and watch the local news channels report on the ongoing snow storm, I can’t help but notice the irony in their reporting. After they show our state governor telling us that he wants everyone to ‘stay off the roads and hunker down inside’. That only essential personal should be going out. Meaning snow work crews and hospital or emergency employees. Anyone who is essential to others wellbeing and reliant on them to be at work. They then cut back to their reporting of the storm and show a live shot of one of their reporters in a car on the roads telling us how bad it is and that we should stay home. Really? These people are essential personal?
 What hypocrisy!  I don’t need to see them doing the same thing that the governor and their very own weathermen are telling me not to do. My life doesn’t depend on these reporters showing us live shots of the roads. I can look out my window and see that the roads are bad, or barely see the road at all. I’m so tired of seeing others tell us what to do, or not to do and then turn and do that very thing themselves. As if the law or whatever you want to call it doesn’t imply to them. As if they are ‘bullet proof’ or above the same laws of nature then we are.
  Then the next shot, after telling us to stay indoors, is another one of their reporters out in the weather developing a good case of frost bit, telling us the same thing. It all just strikes me as odd. But then again, many things in this new world of ours does that very thing to me. Some days I get a sore neck from all the shaking it back and forth as I watch the bias, hypocritical news being reported lately. What more can one old man do but sit back and watch common sense die right along with this country’s pride and intelligence. It just makes my neck even sorer.
Remember the old days when we as families stayed home in a storm? When the power went out we lit candles and played board games while listening to our battery powered transistor radio. We burned wood in our stove for warmth and cooking food. We were self-sufficient for a week or more with canned goods we did up in the summer. Now a days, kids as well as many adults, go crazy when their cell phone dies and they can’t talk to their friends about how hard their lives are and how bad they have it. I say “Buck up sissy pants”, life will come back to normal soon after the storm. Enjoy some quite time with your family; you’ll have some good memories to look back upon later in life. Like when us old folks use to walk to school in the snow, up hill both ways, bare footed, and we were grateful for it.
  That’s just one old man’s view. See ya’all later when something else gets in my craw.